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VISIT DR. KENNETH ORBECK IN GREENVILLE, SC Empowering you to be your best

VISIT DR. KENNETH ORBECK IN GREENVILLE, SC Empowering you to be your best



The RMI Mission:
To empower individuals to be their best in health, wellness, and vitality. Utilizing the power of metabolic and regenerative science to achieve internal wellness and external beauty, one individual at a time.

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Advanced Aesthetics Center

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Complete Hormone
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Do you want to improve your quality of life?

Age shouldn’t have to get in the way of you feeling and looking your best. Sometimes, the symptoms of aging can feel almost impossible to overcome.

Do you experience one or more of these symptoms on a regular basis?

Lack of energy
Low Libido
Skin aging

You deserve the best care possible, which is why we offer personalized treatment plans that focus on your specific needs. Whether it’s hormone therapy or aesthetic medical services, we have treatments available that will make you look younger and feel like yourself again!


Age shouldn’t stop you from living your best life. Our center for regenerative medicine and sexual intimacy provides comprehensive services that address the negative effects of aging on your intimate wellness.

Our intimate wellness services for men stabilize hormonal imbalance and address erectile dysfunction. Meanwhile, the intimate wellness services for women includes solutions for vaginal and sexual performance. We also offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and services that make your skin and hair look their best, regardless of age. Learn more about our services below:

Advanced Aesthetics

There’s more to skin treatments than addressing imperfections. It strips away dead cells and improves your skin texture, making you feel more comfortable in the way you look. Our solutions help you live your best life.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It’s in charge of protecting your body from germs and other harmful external factors, and you have to take good care of it. Proper care goes beyond regular washing and moisturizing, though.

Professional skin rejuvenation services might be necessary if you have:

  • Stubborn age spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are starting to surface
  • Sagging or less elastic skin

Our skin rejuvenation solutions address these concerns and leave you looking young and feeling great for a long time. 

Learn More about Advanced Aesthetics


Meet Dr. Kenneth Orbeck

Dr. Orbeck is the founder and owner of Regenerative Medical Institute (RMI), an integrative and regenerative medical center in Greenville, South Carolina. He is dedicated to helping individuals who wish for the best quality of life as the aging process continues. Empowering You to Be Your Best.

In his bioidentical hormone therapy clinic, Dr. Orbeck dedicates his practice to helping women and men find relief from hormonal imbalances such as menopause, andropause (the male menopause), adrenal fatigue and thyroid disorders by using a personal functional approach to wellness, combining customized nutrition and fitness regimens with bio identical hormone therapy. 

Dr. Orbeck believes that proper diet, regular exercise and balanced hormones are the cornerstones of longevity. 

Dr. Orbeck examines the interaction between a person’s genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors for an individualized treatment plan on each patient. Dr. Orbeck utilizes advanced hormonal application through subcutaneous pellet therapy and is a national speaker teaching advanced hormone and pellet therapy. Dr. Orbeck also specializes in intimate wellness and takes special interest in helping men and women overcome the negative effects of aging on sexual wellness and intimacy.

Client satisfaction is our goal Testimonials

Client satisfaction is our goal Testimonials