It’s Time to Pay Attention to Your Vaginal Health


By Dr. Kenneth Orbeck

Each year, millions of American women struggle with sexual dysfunction. These symptoms often trigger chronic pain and incontinence. If you have sexual dysfunction, intimacy may become painful or unsatisfying. Loss of intimacy can place a burden on your most treasured relationship. Many of my patients also report that these symptoms affect their emotional well-being.

Patients are sometimes embarrassed to talk about intimate wellness concerns. But rest assured that you are not alone. Studies have estimated that more than 25% of women struggle with sexual dysfunction. After menopause, the number may climb above 50%. Fortunately, treatment can restore your vitality and help you enjoy intimacy once again.

At Regenerative Medicine Institute, my team offers a range of intimate wellness services. Our patients receive discreet, personalized care. Read on to learn more about your options for care.

What Causes Sexual Dysfunction?

Hormone Changes

Hormone fluctuations often trigger sexual dysfunction. During your 40s and 50s, your estrogen levels drop.Estrogen is a key hormone that supports a healthy libido. It also keeps vaginal tissues firm and toned, and it promotes healthy blood flow.

After menopause, my patients often report a loss of libido. They may also struggle with weak pelvic muscles or a decrease in natural lubrication. These symptoms can make it difficult to enjoy intimacy. For some, penetration may become painful.

Patients often confide that they feel self-conscious about their changing body. This one-two punch of physical and emotional changes can take a toll on your intimacy. But the right treatment can balance your hormones and boost your self-confidence. With help, you can enjoy intimacy again.

Chronic Illness

Medical conditions sometimes interfere with intimate wellness. Chronic illnesses like autoimmune and heart disease can trigger sexual dysfunction. Certain medications can also affect your vaginal and bladder health. At RMI, we get to the root of your symptoms. My team performs a thorough evaluation, including laboratory tests. If your symptoms are linked to a chronic condition, we offer expert guidance.


Giving birth can be a wonderful, miraculous process. But it often takes a toll on a woman’s vaginal health. During pregnancy, your pelvic floor muscles suffer severe strain. Vaginal delivery can worsen these symptoms. Some women also experience tearing or other physical trauma during the birthing process.

Unfortunately, these effects can linger. Patients sometimes report ongoing pain or pelvic weakness even years after giving birth. Dealing with intimate changes after childbirth can be painful and frustrating. But vaginal rejuvenation procedures can help restore your confidence.

What Treatments Can Help With Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is a common problem in postmenopausal women. Patients who have given birth are also likely to experience intimate wellness issues. For years, women have been told their symptoms were an unavoidable part of giving birth or getting older.

Today, we know better. Modern treatment can ease your discomfort and help you enjoy intimacy again. At RMI, we’re proud to offer a range of intimate wellness treatments. We work with our patients to identify the root cause of their symptoms. Then, we provide personalized treatment recommendations.

Your treatment plan may include:

The O-Shot®

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can help regenerate damaged tissue, even in intimate areas. The O-Shot is a simple in-office procedure that uses PRP. During the O-Shot, we remove a small amount of blood from your arm. Next, we spin it in a centrifuge to isolate healing and growth factors. These factors help improve blood flow to the vagina and stimulate cell turnover.

The O-Shot can boost sensitivity and arousal. Some patients also report younger-looking vaginal tissue or a tighter vaginal opening. The O-Shot may produce more frequent orgasms and ease urinary incontinence.

Apex® and Intensity®

Your pelvic floor muscles play an important role in protecting your intimate health. Unfortunately, pregnancy and childbirth can greatly weaken these muscles. Pelvic floor weakness can also develop as you get older. A weak pelvic floor can contribute to incontinence and a loss of sexual satisfaction. Strengthening these muscles can help you regain your vitality.

Apex and Intensity devices can be used in the privacy of your own home. These pelvic floor exercise aids help strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles. Over time, they can boost blood flow to your most intimate areas. Patients often report an increase in sensation and lubrication after using these devices.


If you struggle with a loss of vaginal tone, Votiva can be an excellent option. This in-office treatment involves no surgery and minimal downtime. The Votiva system includes three separate technologies. The procedure can be customized according to your needs and concerns.

Votiva helps tone muscles in the pelvic floor and boost circulation. For some patients, Votiva can act as a non-surgical alternative to a labiaplasty. My patients often report that Votiva helped them regain their self-confidence. After treatment, they enjoy greater intimacy with their partner.

Cell Matrix MD

As you age, your tissues can thin or weaken. Many patients notice a loss of collagen or a decrease in skin elasticity and plumpness. Cell Matrix MD helps combat these problems.

This topical cream strengthens the extracellular matrix (ECM) in your tissues. It’s also clinically proven to decrease headaches, pelvic pain, and inflammation. Cell Matrix MD may also relieve some of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction.

Peptide Treatments

Peptides are amino acids that link together, producing a protein. Your body uses these proteins to send messages between cells. Peptide therapy leverages this process to activate certain cell receptors. Some forms of peptide therapy can increase arousal and boost your libido.

One of the peptides we offer is PT-141 Nasal Spray. This treatment is drug-free. When administered shortly before sexual activity, it gives your body a boost. Peptide sprays may help you enjoy greater intimacy with your partner.

Which Treatments Are Right for Me?

Sexual dysfunction can be painful and confusing. Rest assured that our team understands your concerns. During your consultation, we identify factors that may affect your sexual wellness. Next, we explain your treatment options.

We know that many patients are wary of surgery and pharmaceuticals. That’s why RMI offers a wide range of drug-free, nonsurgical options. No matter which treatment you choose, we support you through the treatment process. My team performs regular check-ups to ensure your treatment is successful.

Many patients achieve their best results through a combination of treatments. My team creates customized treatment plans to optimize your well-being. These multi-pronged treatments can deliver exceptional results.

Ready to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation and intimate wellness? Contact us at the Regenerative Medical Institute today to schedule a consultation.