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What We Offer

RMI is proud to offer a powerful new technology designed for optimal wellness and vitality. The HOCATT™ Plus Pro Ozone Sauna offers a combination of benefits to assist in energy management, lifestyle management, weight management and detoxification.

HOCATT™, short for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy” is a tool that exposes the body to the beneficial infusion of ozone, steam, Photon light, and oxygen.

Empowering you to be your best The benefits of Ozone Technology may include:

  • Inactivated viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungi, parasites
  • Stimulated immune system
  • Faster healing
  • Cleansed arteries and veins, improved circulation
  • Oxidized toxins, reduction/removal of free radicals
  • Normalized hormone and enzyme production
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced pain, calm nerves
  • Improved brain function
  • Aided weight loss
Our private sauna sessions offer:
  • Relaxing, spa-like sessions in your very own private sauna
  • Stress relief and improved energy management
  • Natural, healthy toxin removal through perspiration
  • Increased vitality and overall wellness
HOCATT™ Therapy Can Be Catered to Your Needs

Electrotherapy (Frequency Specific Micro-Currents) is utilized to focus on specific health issues within a selected program to fit your needs. Our system gives you a choice of more than 120 different programs that contain over 1100 frequencies. Each frequency has its own special and unique benefit to certain parts of the body. This means that we can concentrate on any area of focus that you require. The possibilities and benefits are endless and the results are immediate. These specific frequencies are selected to stimulate the muscle, nervous system, and cells through the foot electrode pads while undergoing all of the other therapies simultaneously or in sequence. This therapy promotes the healing and regeneration of damaged tissue, relieves pain, destroys pathogens, and energizes the body.

At the end of your session, the entire volume of of Ozone and oxygen steam mixture will be extracted from the unit into the activated carbon charcoal destructor. This prevents the release of ozone into the room when the doors are opened. You can expect to feel relaxed, refreshed, and energized after your HOCATT therapy.


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  • Your HOCATT™ session will last approximately 30 minutes at which time you’ll be sitting comfortably in the HOCATT™ Capsule with your head exposed to the air preventing you from the inhalation of ozone. You will also be given a nasal cannula to be placed in your nose for pure humidified oxygen to ensure adequate oxygen saturation in the blood. Breathing pure oxygen boosts your energy and endurance, increases your caloric burn, and increases blood oxygen levels resulting in a sense of well-being.

Do you have questions about if this treatment is right for you?

Do not schedule or participate in a HOCATT therapy session if any of the following apply to you Contraindications:

  • Fever
  • Pregnancy
  • Organ Transplant
  • Active Bleeding
  • Recent Heart Attack
  • Thrombosis – Stroke
  • Elevated drug or alcohol level
  • Epilepsy/seizure
  • Pacemaker
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Not recommended for children under 12
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Do you have questions about if this treatment is right for you?