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Regenerative medicine in greenville, sc SUPPLEMENTS

What We Offer

We are proud to provide you with the following supplements you can purchase through RMI’s preferred brands.
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advanced aesthetics womans face


Our advanced aesthetics and skin rejuvenation treatments can help you look as youthful on the outside as you feel on the inside. Reduce wrinkles, tighten, and tone the appearance of your skin with our simple, yet sophisticated youth restoration procedures.


Cell Matrix MD

Cell Matrix MD Transdermal is a transdermal cream with enhanced tissue absorption designed to stabilize the extracellular matrix of the prostate, breasts, joints and other tissues. We are proud to offer this product as part of our sexual regenerative medicine services at RMI.

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TA 65

T.A. Sciences is the first healthcare company dedicated exclusively to creating research-based, clinically tested wellness products that help address cellular aging through the science of Telomerase Activation. We are proud to offer their TA 65 products at RMI.

Please use code ‘RMI‘ to purchase products at the below link.


More Hair Naturally® & Hair & Scalp Synergy®

More Hair Naturally® 9 is a topical treatment containing unique ingredients designed to target every cause and symptom of hair loss. This product contains three types of stem cells and is designed to increase cell production, inhibit DHT, reduce inflammation, aid in the absorption of nutrients and more. Hair & Scalp Synergy is a complement product to More Hair Naturally® 9 or it can be used on its own. It contains specific extracts from basil and tobacco leaves, pea sprouts and the azalea flower and is designed to help switch the follicle to the “on” or growth position. We are pleased to offer these products as part of our Hair Restoration services at RMI.

Please use code RMI to purchase products at the below link.



Nutrafol® is a clinically-proven hair growth supplement designed to target the underlying causes of thinning and improve hair growth and quality. Gender-specific formulated with plant-based ingredients; we are proud to offer this product at RMI for both men and women.

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