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Body Composition Analyzer IN GREENVILLE, SC Weight Management


What We Offer

RMI is proud to introduce the InBody 970 Body Composition Analyzer. As a high-quality body composition device made with medical and fitness professionals in mind, the InBody 970 goes beyond standard outputs to provide the most accurate measurements for visceral fat, SMI, and more.

Learn how to achieve your highest expression of health with RMI’s comprehensive medical weight loss/ weight management program.

Using this tool, Dr. Orbeck, along our in-house dietitian can take data from this analysis to develop an individualized, comprehensive weight loss or weight management protocol. Learn more about this program works.

Empowering you to be your best How the InBody Scanner Works:

  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA): The InBody device sends a low-level electrical current through the body. Since water conducts electricity, the current flows more easily through tissues that have a high water content, such as muscle. Conversely, fat tissue, which contains less water, resists the flow of the electrical current. Several readings will be taken for areas throughout the body.

  • Measurements: The InBody device measures the impedance (resistance) of the electrical current as it passes through the body. Based on these measurements, the device can estimate the amounts of lean body mass (muscle and other tissues) and fat mass.

  • Results: The InBody provides a breakdown of body composition, typically including metrics such as total body weight, lean body mass, body fat percentage, and water balance. Some models may also provide segmental analysis, offering information about the composition of different body segments (for example: arms, legs, trunk).

What to Expect for
  • you will have a 60-minute consultation with our in-house dietitian to determine your individualized goals, needs and considerations
  • from there, you will complete an InBody scan to determine your baseline in body composition
  • this data along with findings from your consultation will inform our in-house dietician to develop a personalized nutrition prescription 
  • along with your customized nutrition plan to focus on lowering body fat and maintaining lean muscle, you will also consult with Dr. Orbeck on his recommendations for your goals
  • use data from monthly InBody Scans to determine progress and adjust your customized plan
How to Prepare for an InBody Scan:
  • Maintain a normal fluid intake the day before
  • Stand up for at least five minutes prior to the scan
  • Remove socks, pantyhose, jewelry, watches, and jackets
  • Warm your body for about 20 minutes if you have just been in cold weather
  • Have clean hands and feet (no lotion or ointment on them)
  • Empty your bladder
Body Composition Analysis for Weight Management

An InBody Scan provides an accurate and detailed analysis of body composition including bone mass, body fat and muscle. Understanding your body composition can help you set goals for weight loss and weight management, identify potential health risks, and allow you to receive personalized recommendations for exercise and nutrition.

Hormones play an important role in body composition because they regulate processes in the body, including metabolism and energy balance, which can impact weight. Lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management can influence hormone levels and, consequently, weight regulation.

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