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INTIMATE WELLNESS FOR MEN IN GREENVILLE, SC acoustic pressure wave therapy


What is the Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy?

APWT is a highly effective, non-invasive procedure that treats urological pain and vascular disorders associated with erectile dysfunction. This form of therapy uses acoustic pressure waves that stimulate the metabolism and enhance blood circulation.

The acoustic pressure waves are delivered to the treatment area, encouraging neovascularization in the penis shaft, creating new blood vessels in the penile tissue which enables that patient to achieve and maintain firm erections.

What are the benefits of this treatment? Some of the benefits of APWT include:

  • Improved erectile function
  • Increased stimulation
  • Decreased pain
What to expect during this treatment:

At RMI, we offer this clinically proven therapy that takes just 15-20 minutes and does not require anesthesia. A coupling gel will be applied to your penis, and then acoustic pressure waves are administered via the applicator and moved over the treatment area. Generally, six treatment sessions are needed, two times a week.

If you have questions or if you are are ready to schedule your treatment, contact our office today.